May 22, 2024


The Deputy Protocol Director at the National Headquarters of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Kwabena Frimpong, has pleaded with Ghanaians not to allow themselves to be used as voting machines, producing votes for the opposition National Democratic Congress.

The Deputy Protocol Director of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Kwabena Frimpong, has pleaded with Ghanaians, especially the youth, not to allow themselves to be deceived by the opposition National Democratic Congress into voting for them during the 2024 elections.

Speaking at the Public Lecture hosted by the Tertiary Students Confederacy of the University of Education, Winneba (TESCON) on Saturday, August 12, 2023, at the Jophus Anamuah Mensah conference center, he forewarned that the youth of this nation would perish if they should vote the NDC in the upcoming general election in 2024 because the NDC showed between 2009 and 2016 that they don’t have an antidote to problems that engulfed the youths of this country.

According to him, the NPP is the party that gives the youth of Ghana hope when it is in power, either through giving appointments to young, promising Ghanaians or through the implementation of pro-youth policies and programs, contrary to the NDC, which has a poor record of implementing any program beneficial to the Youth of this country.

“NPP is a party for the youth and has the youth of this country at heart with numerous youth-centered policies like Free SHS, Nurses and Teacher Allowances, Youth in Afforestation, et al., et al. The NPP has delivered greater progress to the nation, which has greatly helped the youth. We have given young people hope and will keep putting young people’s development first. The NDC cannot stand our track record when it comes to prioritizing the youth in our national development. Unlike Former President Mahama, who said he was not a magician to create jobs for the youth, the Nana Addo-led Government has created numerous job opportunities for the youth of this Country”, he said.

Mr. Frimpong went on to remark that Ghanaians should begin to have a conversation as to which of these two political parties has brought more developments to this country. Which party has also introduced pro-poor policies that every Ghanaian has benefited from?

He asserted that the NDC’s interest is just to win political power, then create, loot, and share, which has been their trade mark.

“The youth of our country must do a comparative analysis of the two parties to determine which one has the youth of this country at heart with their youth-centered policies. It has become obvious that the NDC always aims at winning elections, and after that, their performance becomes create, loot, and Share. That is why, when heading into any election, Propaganda and deception become their major tools. The NPP record in government speaks volumes for itself, and Ghanaians can attest to it either under President Kuffour or Under President Akuffo Addo.”

He further pleaded with Ghanaians, especially the youth, not to become victims of the opposition party’s propaganda, which is only aimed at deceiving them into voting for them, plunging the nation into further difficulties, and derailing the progress being made in the country.

“Let’s not fall for the NDC’s propaganda, lies, and Deception. They left the office with virtually nothing left behind and couldn’t solve the problems that they created in our Country. The NPP party always remembers and rewards the hardworking youth in the party, so let’s all work hard to enable us to break the eight, and we will be rewarded.

Relative to the popular political mantra of the party “Break the 8”, Mr. Frimpong appealed to the youth wing of the party to lead the party’s quest of securing a third elusive victory in 2024, which will be a historic feat to achieve under our fourth republican dispensation.

He stressed that the success of the NPP in previous elections was a result of the active and vibrant participation of the youth.

On the economy, he indicated that the government was working hard to restore the economy of the country and that it was an event for all to see, adding that it was only the NPP government that could ensure that the economy was placed on a sound footing again.

He concluded that, even in the midst of most economic difficulties across the globe, Our Government was still paying public sector workers monthly without delay, Increased Government Workers salaries, still met all statutory payment obligations, our water and lights were still on (No More Dumsor), there had been enough fuel at the pump, etc. This, according to Mr. Frimpong, clearly demonstrated the government’s commitment to solving the problems of the country and deserves continuation.

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