June 24, 2024


From platform to platform, through the often tangled speeches and lavish outpouring of promises, all the presidential candidates want to represent us. But who will speak for us?

On radio, on TV and across the city, we are bombarded with slogans and faces as we look for the leader who will help build a Ghana that works for all of us. But who speaks for us?

They all speak to us but rarely does anyone speak for us. Why? Because it is dangerous to admit that things are not going in our favour. Typical of the Ghanaian concept of loyalty, we are told to always protect our own – even against our better judgement. For among us, to deliver criticism – no matter how constructive – is to betray, denounce the powers that be or declare war.

Our context is complex, fraught with secrecy, godfatherism, higher illiteracy levels, yes-men and distrust. To this end, speaking your mind takes courage. It takes someone who sees beyond the rot and has the best interest of the people of Ghana at heart. It takes someone with blunt honesty, inspiring energy, and uncompromising directness. It takes someone like ING Kwabena Agyei Agyepong.

This is not about the accolades he earned after his campaign launch. Yes, he is a persuasive orator and charismatic politician, but he is the only one whose message is introspective and critical of the party he has served for years in different capacities. It is about realising that the first indicator on the measuring rod of political success is how the Government enhances the life and capabilities of its people.

KAA realises this. But, he not only tells us what we already know and how to deal with it. He proposes solutions to these problems in what he calls the 6-point plan.

KAA’s Six-Point Plan

Many people have announced their candidacy to lead this great party. However, all but one has shown us a clear roadmap to recovery – one that we, as Ghanaians, can envision and relate to.

The best thing about KAAs 6 point plan is that it is anchored what public service should truly be about. What he refers to as the 3 Ss: Service, Sacrifice and Selflessness. These are virtues Ghanaians long for in our leadership and only one person seems to get that message.

Point number 1 on KAA’s 6-point plan is to reduce the size of the Government to 19 cabinet ministers, as stated in the constituency. This point is strongly linked to point 3 of the 6-point plan, which focuses on cutting system waste. KAA aims to end the inflation of budgets in public sector procurement and ensure that Ghanaians get value for their money.

Additionally, as a trained engineer, KAA has prioritised our cities’ urban regeneration for convenience and efficiency. This includes sustainable town planning and effective urban transport systems. Roads will not be left to ruins by poor maintenance, and hazardous building plans will be stopped.

Supporting rural life and industry is point number 5 of the plan. Here KAA aims to boost rural means of production, increase the quality of local produce, promote made in Ghana agricultural products and to ensure that local farming becomes a more lucrative avenue. Not only will this have lasting positive health impacts but it will also reduce cost of food and provide employment for the teeming youth.

Next, boosting Ghana’s creative economy is point 6 on KAA’s 6-point plan – architecture, arts and crafts, design, fashion, film, video, photography, music, performing arts and so forth – has nurtured the seed of greatness for many countries except herself because we lack the leadership, infrastructure and direction to extract its maximum potential.

Lastly, KAA recognizes that Ghana’s problem isn’t just about ideas but about implementation. Whilst most developed nations strive to achieve their goals, Ghanaians fall short on compliance and deliverables. As an engineer, who’s been trained to be result oriented KAA aims to establish a result oriented government. He aims to do this by establishing robust mechanism for compliance in all aspect of government. He will enforce law and order and hold himself and his government accountable to the people of Ghana.

In a country where speaking against the establishment is forbidden, and the leaders are constantly caught in a web of lies and contradictions, it is refreshing to come a across a leader who doesn’t like to hear the sound of his own voice but would rather be the voice of the masses.

This why i think KAA is the best person to lead the NPP and the country. He is in touch with the traditions of the party and has the grit and boldness it takes to make the hard decisions that no one wants to take.

So i dare ask again, who will speak for us? For me, the answer is ING KWABENA AGYEI AGYEPONG.

Vote For KAA, VOTE for Ghana.




By: Evans Manasseh, Editor @ Ghanaxpress.com

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