April 12, 2024

The Military High Command has commenced investigation into alleged sale of slots to soldiers for peacekeeping operations outside the country by a senior military officer of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF).

It is alleged that the said officer, in a privileged position, sells the slots for $8,000.00 (Eight thousand dollars), which amount is collected upon the return of the beneficiary.

By this, the soldier is left with $4,000.00 (Four thousand dollars), having made $12,000.00 (Twelve thousand dollars) during the one year tour of the mission.

A highly placed military source at Burma Camp, who confirmed that the issue has gotten to an end, stated that for now it remains an allegation and that a full scale investigation is underway.

According to a respectable source, the senior military officer concerned and the supposed beneficiary soldiers have been contacted and are assisting with investigation.

The source further stated that, there is a roster regarding peacekeeping operations for members, which is strictly adhered.

GAF soldiers are presently serving in Lebanon, The Gambia and South Sudan.

The contingent in Mali, like other states of the United Nations (UN), is withdrawing at the insistence of the host country.

GAF is now left with the conveyance of equipment by road back home, since the two contingents have returned to base safely.





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