June 25, 2024

Apart from the mainstream political activists, the only high profile personality to dare mention Ken Ofori Atta’s name, let alone take him to task on excessive borrowing and conflict of interest issue is Mr. Kwesi Kyei-Darkwa. Enyansafuo eiiiii! Mu wo hene? 


Now, let’s see the contrast. Ex-England footballer and sports presenter Gary Lineker gets beef with BBC, and the whole UK got into discussions. One of Ghana’s best radio presenters, an accomplished journalist and crack/crafty linguist Mr Kwesi Kyei-Darkwa, gets beef with GBC and nobody in Ghana cares. This is a chinchinga Republic….. mansa musa writes ✍️


Recently, in the UK, a huge media personality and ex England footballer of the 1980 and early 90s, Mr Gary Lineker, he was one of the very good footballers of the time. He got himself into trouble when he twitted something which the government here found uncomfortable or inappropriate. Gary Lineker’s employers, the BBC, decided somehow wrongfully, in the eyes of many, to side with government, quoted some guidelines which they said Gary had infringed.


So they(the BBC) went on to sideline Gary Lineker. What happened was that the entire or the very generality of UK institutions, i.e., media, sports, politics, and ordinary people, waded into the discussions, into the debate and within some few days, the BBC caved in, under the weight of positive public opinion and pressure. The BBC decided that they were wrong and Gary was right. Gary is now back to his post.


Now let’s come to Ghana. A well-known journalist, a top class linguist, and former presenter, who in the 1980s became the shining boy of our own GBC, Mr Kwesi Kyei-Darkwa, aka KKD is supposed to have said something that put the current Akufo Addo administration in a bad light. Now it seems the GBC of Ghana has decided to jettison one of the very distinguished public speakers for saying what everyone on this planet knows, that is, Ken Ofori Atta, the finance minister, who happens to be a cousin of the president, has bankrupted Ghana with his deliberate, incessant borrowing.


He has personally benefited from such abject mismanagement of the economy at the expense of Ghana. This, no one can dispute. But the big and worrying contrast between UK BBC vs Gary Lineker and Ghana GBC vs KKD is that in Ghana, not many people from politics, sports, ordinary people or the media has even bothered to debate the decision by the GBC to drop Mr KKD.


This is the difference between two societies. One, very enlightened and the other, not quite there. How can I describe my country, Ghana. Chinchinga Republic



Source: Ghanaxpress.com

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