July 20, 2024

The charm offensive is in motion once again. US vice-president Kamala Harris is in town to con gullible Africans all over again. Her visit will only flatter the fool and the ignorant….. mansa musa writes

Kamala Harris, yeah, a high-flying American envoy is in Ghana, on her way through the African system all over again. This Yankee charm offensive, most people in Africa know that this is the same virtual irrelevant cycle of diplomatic events that brings not much to Africa and Africans.

Such indulgence in diplomatic America only tends to benefit leadership and political elites of the time. Ordinary citizens in Ghana, in Africa, after Kamala’s visit will still see their sizeable weights in natural resources being shipped away, followed by capital cash flight back to the US enclaves( the African political elites do send big sums of dollar cash back to America for safekeeping, very unfortunate but its real, its true). That then will be followed by human escapades from miserable Africa to US enclaves to be used until we get very old.


To see, once again, a refreshingly pretty Kamala Harris addressing us from Osagyefo’s Black Star Square, and to think that the people that Miss Kamala represents, the same people that we have been engineered over the years to adore and to worship. The same America foreign policy machine that orchestrated and directed the termination of our forward march to national development as envisaged by Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah.


Instead of heavy science and technology that Osagyefo wanted for us Ghanaians, we were made to see industry, science, and technology as evil things from the communist department. We then ignorantly accepted the America culture of James Brown music ( i feel good music 🎶 🎵), USaid milk powder, dungarees and the usual, occasional visa grants for our able youth to go help build America, again.


Kamala Harris, as a person in her rights, may be a nice person. She is pretty, very appealing, very sophisticated, and highly articulate. But her coming to our shores again to con us again will only flatter the fool and ignorant. It does not flatter me, mansa musa.


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