March 4, 2024


Everything is falling apart, apart from the moneys made by cronies through corruption and galamsey….. mansa musa writes ✍️


So, the health minister speaking in coded words has confirmed what every Ghanaian knows already. The health insurance scheme doesn’t work, i.e., no money. It is cash and carry.


The UK government says Ghana nurses, “You are not welcome.” Ghana nurses say, “we will come, even if we have to work for free and some food, please, let us in. ”


As we speak, many state institutions are said to be owning the EC of G. They have failed to service their electricity bills, so, for that matter, the ECG has disconnected electricity to those state institutions.


Now the free boarding house for students a.k.a free shs is not being managed properly, also no money, no additional infrastructure so we hear some heads of schools have started charging students and parents.


The people of labadi are asking for the demolished health post to be put back. But they shouldn’t worry. I can see roadwork heavy machines near the town of Kumawu. By-election wonders!


The school feeding programme, given to npp women, there too no money. Some women caterers have wisely thrown in the towels, they have simply stop buying very expensive food stuffs which the Planting for Food and Labour scheme has so far failed to support.


The proponent or originator of Planting for Food & Jobs, one of the Honourables, has abandoned ship. He, too, wants to be president of Ghana. Other cateres out of motherly care and the love for nana addo have decided to continue cooking and serving something that looks like food(not different from Ghana prison food) to school children.

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Everything is falling apart, apart from the money made by cronies through corruption and galamsey.


Meanwhile, Ken Ofori Atta went to the US to discuss Ghana’s Debts crisis with a group of young men and women. He forgot his bible at home, in Ghana, Kaneshie, Bubuashie, or somewhere near Achiase.


You see, nowadays, I rarely encounter all those npp linguists and drumbeaters on platforms and on my radio show. Where are you? Now you see your disgraceful (eyes dead) levels?


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