June 14, 2024

I really can’t tell if John Mahama has special life advisors or councillors. I don’t know who manages his daily life, whether it is his wife or children or he advises himself. Whoever has the responsibility of advising Prez Mahama, that person or persons should be rewarded with a massive pay increase.


I mean, can you imagine if Mahama had not serviced his electricity bills, thinking the state, the government of Akufo Addo would pay those bills. Boi! Just imagine the Big Bold headline caption.


Mahama’s domestic electricity supply disconnected for non-payment of bills- CNN


Mahama is the reason the ECG is insolvent. He has not paid electricity bills since he left office-Aljazeera News


Irresponsible Mahama causes financial losses to ECG-Adom Online


Mahama owes huge sums of money to ECG, what a bloody shame- MyJoyOnline.com


Ex-president busted for failure to pay electricity bills in Ghana-Moscow Times


Ghana Ex-president, John Dramani Mahama, owes so much money to a local electricity company in Ghana. Ex-German chancellor Angela Merkel embarrassed-The Bild newspaper


John Mahama’s unpaid electricity bills. He thought he could run from his obligations. Now he has nowhere to hide-Daily Graphic

Ghana’s former president has disgraced himself. He owes several sums of money to the local electricity company -The South Africa Bantu Newswire.


Unfortunately, we won’t get these headline captions because clever boy Mahama has done it again. Outwitted all opponents again.


Mansa Musa is sad 😔





Source: ghanaxpress.com

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