May 24, 2024


JM must apologise to Our Trotro drivers and Station Boys.

John Mahama can not Insult Our Hard-working Trotro Drivers And Station Boys and Go Scot-free


It is very uncultured, disrespectful, balderdash and very hubristic for the incompetent corrupt John Dramani Mahama to insult our hardworking Trotro drivers and Station boys that, “they don’t know anything” and as a matter of fact he described them as an empty-headed group. The incompetent corrupt Mahama, in his Eastern Regional tour referred or described the Akufo- Addo appointees as empty- headed and that they are “Trotro Drivers” and “Station boys”. This habit of his, I will describe, as very bad on his part. This statement is a clear indication and a warning to the Ghanaian electorate that this so-called “John Mahama” is the same person we know in the past. If someone who is looking for power is insulting trotro drivers and Station boys as people who don’t “know anything”, then we have a cause to wonder, if he gets the power what would he say to the entire electorate, should incase you complain for something. In actual fact, without these trotro drivers and Station boys, our productivity, as a nation would have been low. Without our trotro drivers, it would have been very difficult for our gallant public and private workers to embark on their day-to-day activities. Our trotro drivers are helping the government to build our nation, Ghana. I must say, that, it is pertinent for the incompetent Mahama to understand that, some of these trotro drivers are graduates and more competent than he is but for their decision to choose driving as their profession. So it is unwarranted and balderdash for the incompetent Mahama to equate or say that Akufo Addo appointees are “trotro drivers” and “Station boys” meaning they lack that common sense to be in charge. It is an undeniable fact, that all the Akufo Addo Appointees are more competent than John mahama. John Mahama should accept the fact that he still has a hand in the current economic situation in the country and these are some of the reasons enunciated below:


(1) The selling of the Tema Port and Harbour by John Dramani Mahama in 2014 to his friend who is a French businessman called Vincent Ballore is the cause of high prices of goods and services in the country. Readers must bear in mind that when the Akuffo Addo government attempted to abrogate the contract, John Mahama’s friend demanded a whooping 21 billion dollars from the government. But “Do we have that money as a country?” So for the next 35 years this businessman will be controlling our ports.


(2) Dubious power purchasing agreements under John Mahama of which the termination of these contracts would result in the government paying close to 55 billion dollars.


(3) internal and external borrowing with high interest rates under John Mahama’s government of which some of these loans have their repayment period ranging from 10 to 20 years.


(4) Almighty Covid-19 has also had a grave effect on every economy in the world.


In the circumstance, the incompetent John Mahama should get it right that, the above reasons were not either created or caused by Akufo Addo or his appointees. In the coming weeks or days PaFAG will be holding a press conference to expose John Mahama over his Dubious involvement that led to the selling of Tema Port.






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