April 12, 2024


What exactly do journalists and media in Ghana know about the Aljazeera TV undercover series. A gold smuggler says our nana addo is his friend. Where are the discussions on TV and radio, and where are the headlines in newspapers, in Ghana?….. mansa musa writes ✍️


Aljazeera TV, undercover investigations (I hear this was conducted by Akompreko Kennedy Agyapong). In that undercover interview, a notorious gold smuggler and money launderette* Mr Alistair Mathias mentioned many prominent African leaders as his partners*. Those names included that of Akufo Addo of Ghana. To wit Mr Akufo Addo has quickly considered it very necessary. Indeed, he, as a matter of urgency, found it very necessary to respond to Aljazeera TV for the obvious denial of knowledge of the smuggler, Mr Alistair Mathias.


The question is, why has Akufo Addo not found it necessary to answer to any Ghanaian media. The answer is that no Ghanaian media entity has the balls to enquire. They dare not request information about what has been said, let alone discuss thoroughly. The usual loud crescendo of twi and akan language interpretations, to bisect and disect founded and made up title tattle about this news is completely absent.


No big headline mention of alleged Akufo Addo’s relationship with an international gold smuggler. All this is because most media houses in Ghana. Big and well-known presenters in TV and radio, headline writers have well and truly been compromised. They have all sold their personal and professional conscience to Nana Addo, Bawumia and Ken Ofori Atta, and Kennedy Agyapong for fine silver. It is sadly true that most Ghanaian journalists have become part of a corrupt racket.

The majority of Ghanaian journalists, too, are tribal bigots who are bent on protecting their own, no matter what, real bad.


For those few genuine ones who fear for their personal and professional well-being in this Akufo Addo regime, I believe you have the sympathy and understanding of decerning Ghanaians. As it is, the corrupt media personalities in Ghana are patiently waiting for Mahama’s name to appear, and then they will jump to it. Otherwise, they are sitting quietly wishing the alleged disgraceful alliance between our president and an international gold smuggler will just go away, die a natural death.

Ghana journalists and journalism in Ghana, Ghana media, shame on you. You don’t know your job. Animguase!



Source: ghanaxpress.com

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