June 14, 2024


Who are these galamsey, invisible, invincibles. Ghana’s waterbodies have become colourful, and since 2018 or thereabout, the whole Ghana is going round looking for the perpetrators, the illegal miners. Eiii! E hard ooo…. mansa musa writes


When I was in the process of acquiring knowledge from the very humble environment at the Arakan Barracks middle, my elementary school was located adjacent to Col. I K Acheampong’s humble military abode. The front facade of the entire school overlooked the 5th. Battalion Infantry (5BN) parade ground. We had a water tap right in the open, which provided us with clean and pleasant drinking water all my days and years at the school. That was a long time ago. In my day, we had teachers who taught everything and anything.


One day, a female teacher, her husband, was a major in the army and a referee on football matchdays as well. This teacher, in one science class, she asked me to describe the colour of water(assumption was on clean water). As I hesitated to find the reasoning for my answer to the question, she decided to relieve me of my ignorance, agony, and embarrassment. She handed me a piece of chalk and ushered me to the Blackboard to write the word COLOURLESS. To which the whole class in a loud crescendo repeated after our teacher, colourless


Since them crazy but innocent school days, I have regarded water of every kind to be colourless up until our time in this 21st century in 2023. All one has to do, if you can afford, is to fly in a helicopter above the geographeres of Ghana and you will see that contrary to popular scientific beliefs, the colour of water has now become colourful. This, thanks to activities of illegal miners, most of Ghana’s great rivers have regrettably attained the unenviable colourful status. Nobody in Ghana wants this.


As we broach, the Chinese people’s army, the entire Ghana army, troops from Gondar Barracks, troops from the old colonial army Barracks in Kumasi, from the 2BN, from Rawlings’s former Airforce Base, the Ghana police, the EOCO, the CHRAJ, people from special prosecutor office, the special prosecutor himself, the ombudsman, Director of state protocol, the Ghana parliament, Mr Alban Bagbin, Kwesi Pratt, Kwaku Baako, nana addo himself Mr Kwow Ewusi and chairman wontumi and the Asantehene.


Everybody who is anybody is going round looking for those reckless, unpatriotic illegal miners. Those bad people who are destroying everything we hold dear, they have vanishing powers, or maybe they are not earthly humans. From the time Nana decided to outlaw galamsey, these unscrupulous unGhanaians have not been found. We can’t catch them bad guys, arrest them, and procecute them. Eiii Ghana! E hard ooo

And for the records, this is the 2nd time under an NPP government that overseas destination address for official business transactions has turned out to be fake(reference MP Ablakwa’s report after US trip on cathedral issues). Whoever tells you Ghana is a corrupt corrupt is a liar. Ghana itself is fake.

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