May 21, 2024


I won’t encourage or advocate for another coup d’etat, but this time around, the justification would make a lot of sense….. mansa musa writes

MPs summoned back to work to approve another, more loans for Akufo Addo.

IMF is still staying out of our case.

MP Ablakwa is back from the US. His findings, his report on the National/International Cathedral, should make every decerning Ghanaian weep. I saw the word ‘criminal’ just once in that report. But Ghanaians, what is happening about the cathedral is criminal ooo. One day, if there’s a popular revolution, chaii! This is criminal ooo. Yooooo! Nothing more to say. As for me, mansa musa, I won’t encourage another C d’etat , but seriously, what is happening with that cathedral is criminal ooo.

Ayoooo. Aah! Ghanaians, how have we come to this. Such impunity, such audacity. Jesus Christ! Why? Previously, the leader of a military junta would justify their actions to the Western world, why they have taken power unconstitutionally. This time around, there won’t be any need to explain why power had to change, not through the ballot box. Judging by the cold shoulder treatment by our western masters in our IMF venture, it is very clear that Americans and their western allies are disgusted by the depth of this stinking corruption and naked thievery.



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