March 2, 2024

  • A smart woman, Bukola Ipinyomi, has condemned wives who submit their salaries to their husbands
  • Bukola said that she and hubby contributed towards the welfare of the house equally, and they never operated a joint account
  • The woman said that she is a better manager than her husband when it comes to money, as he could spend without proper planning

A woman, Bukola Ipinyomi, has in a video spoken about how she was earning more than her husband when she got married.

The woman said she does not believe in submitting salaries to husbands in marriage as some people do.

Joint account in marriage

The wife added that she earned more than him when they married. She said:

“We cannot operate joint account because I am a better manager of money than my husband.”

Bukola stated that before she married, she had already purposed in her heart that she would only marry a husband ready to work so they could contribute together.

She faulted women who relied on necessities like underwear after they had submitted their salaries.

Her video was shared by @sojiolayinka_rt.

Watch the video below:

Netizens react to woman earning more than husband

Here are some of the reactions:

Atakiti Micheal said:

“Look at the way her husband is smiling.. See better understanding between them. This family will go far.”

Beybey said:

“Her husband is so proud to show off. Not him saying she’s mine. God bless them both.”

Gdensglam said:

“Her husband is like na me get am.”

omoobA777 said:

“Do women submit salaries to their husbands… I don’t even know what my wife earns.Whats my own.i just provide.”

Soulful Shadow said:

“I don’t care how much my wife earns. it’s just bonus. I remain the ultimate provider. I don’t get how a man will shamelessly demand her salary.”

Solomon Obura733 said:

“I can’t imagine myself shamelessly asking my woman to submit her salary to me,omo my pride no go allow me,she is a helpmate according to God’s word.”

Femi King said:

“Me I rather submit everything and start borrowing the money again from my wife.”

Man earning KSh 30k asks woman earning KSh 9m to marry him

In other news, a young Nigerian woman shared her experience with a young man who desired to tie the knot with her.

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The lady revealed that the man was earning about KSh 30,000 to KSh 60,000 annually while she earned about KSh 9 million.

However, he insisted that he wasn’t happy that she earned better than him and asked her to resign out of love.


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