April 24, 2024

In an attempt to look good in the eyes of the Vice President, the Western Regional Minister, Hon. Okyere Darko Mensah has personally attacked his own colleague, and a senior in Parliament, Hon. Ken Agyapong, calling him names. Mr. Okyere Darko described the Assin Central M.P. as a hypocrite and greedy for critiquing the Vice President concerning the management of the economy.

Ken has become a threat to the candidate almost all government appointees are rooting for due to his(Ken) spreading popularity like bush fire in the harmattan. As a result, supporters of the Vice President have made it their deliberate plan to provoke the straight-talking Ken so that when he responds, then they will portray him to delegates as not gentle but arrogant.

According to Hon. Okyere Darko who is also the Member of Parliament(MP) for Takoradi, Hon. Ken should return all contracts awarded him by the government for critiquing Dr. Bawumia on the economy. Is Mr. Okyere Darko suggesting that, in presidential primaries of a party like the NPP, it is forbidden to criticise one’s competitor and to respond to their attacks?

What crime did Hon. Ken commit for replying someone running him down in a race to lead the party?
Mr. Okyere Darko Mensah, if you would be sincere and honest to yourself, you would first condemn the one who started the attacks against Ken.

Note that, every contract the Assin Central legislator has been given, was on merit. Ken has made a lot of contributions, not only to party people in his constituency but the entire party across the country. Before you entered Parliament in 2008, Hon. Agyapong was already there. If you are respectful, you would find decorous words to address your senior and colleague in Parliament who is also in the same party with you.

In any event, what meaningful contribution have you made to the party people in your constituency after getting appointment as a Regional Minister? But have you thought of resigning from that post? And you are asking someone who has made a lot of financial contributions to the NPP even at a time that you were a small boy, to return contacts because he has responded to a comment against him? If you want a smooth campaign devoid of such needless attacks and replies, stick to supporting your candidate and desist from the unprovoked attacks.


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