June 14, 2024

The month of March has come and gone. No IMF deal, so why is Ken Ofori Atta still at post. Ghana lacks the needed intellectual capacity to control its politician – mansa musa writes ✍️


Facts are there for all of us as Ghanaians to see. Ken Ofori Atta has destroyed Ghana’s economy. It wasn’t covid , nor is it the Russia Ukraine war. The overborrowing and the so-called smart accounting, where, for example, debt to GDP figures were manipulated to look good and acceptable to Ghanaians while the true picture was given to the international money community.


The wanton waste, profligacy, mismanagement of public finances by state and public institutions, bad to reckless fiscal policy of the executive by way of unnecessary expenditures in consumption investments instead of profit-making investments like the Accra Airport, Atuabu and Tema port expansion. The Akufo Addo government has got almost everything wrong about economic politics and policies.


In the end, even NPP MPs who cared to listen to their constituents had to admit and came to a realisation that Ken Ofori Atta has not been good enough. In private, they knew, and they still know that Ken Ofori Atta had destroyed Ghana’s economy, and so he must go. They threatened a boycott of his budget reading if the president did not remove this failed finance minister.


The MPs agitated, and everyone, including mansa musa, thought their resolve will hold, and that for once Ghana will witness an occasion when MPs from the ruling party stood firm against the executive to do right by the people. But for some reason, the npp MPs folded. They retracted and returned to base with their tails between their hind legs. The general explanation to us was that the president had promised to let Ken Ofori Atta go after he had successfully negotiated with the IMF and got a deal.


So after all the named taxes. After the seizure of people’s pensions and savings. After more taxes, including those ones, just approved by npp MPs and the previous ones, including e-levy. The European Union, the French legion, the Paris club, the Germans, the British, the Americans, trips to China and back. All the above mentioned are supposed to be helping Akufo Addo, and yet, we have no joy with IMF. As stated, March of 2023 has been and gone, no IMF deal. Why is Ken Ofori Atta still the finance minister.


Fact: Ghana does not have that big intellectual capacity. The type of intellectualism which will make even a government-supporting newspaper and media would display bold photos of the finance minister, on front pages with captions,

Ken Must Go


 Ken Has Failed, he Must Be Sacked


What is the president waiting for, Ken must go


Mr. President Sack Ken before he destroys your party’s chances at the next election


In a country where the citizens’ thinking and intellectual capacity reaches way above average, the shouts for Ken to go would attain that unbearable crescendo so much so that even a stubborn president like Akufo addo will have no choice but to sack Bungling Ken Ofori Atta. Instead, in Ghana, some still tout him as the best. The guy is out of kukus, completely lost it in the eyes of many around the global money world, so why are we Ghanaians so dumb. Are we to get stuck with him with him till the very bitter and miserable end? I’m just asking.


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