June 14, 2024


How bad, how deep are Ghana’s money problems, how awful is it to attract so much attention from around the world, and even more taxes on Ghanaians in order to belong to the mediocre group. Unfortunately, Ghana lacks the massive collective intelligence needed to interrogate a lying and opaque government…. mansa musa writes

The speaker of parliament Hon. Alban Bagbin is protesting his innocence against accusations from certain quarters as though he did commit an offence by accepting numbers of MPs in the chamber. Well, he shouldn’t. He’s done nothing wrong. The number of MPs in parliament who participated in approving heavy taxes, yet again brought in by Ken Ofori Atta, vice president Bawumia, KT Hammond, Sticker, Bryan Acheampong and of course Generalismo Akufo Addo himself. No one should blame neither the speaker nor the ndc MPs in parliament.

My question is, is there anything more serious about or with the Ghana government’s financial situation that we are not being told? Because this is Easter period(Christian beliefs), I would not like to bore you good Ghanaians with long sentences. But I really want to know why it has become so difficult to deal with Ghana’s economy issues, even with all the support from Emmanuel Macron to Xi Zhin Pin to Aunty Kamala Harris. We know the World Bank is involved. So are the Europeans and the Paris club and the Organisation of African Unity, the American government, the British, the mighty China state, and of course the IMF.

Having roped all these entities to support our bid to gain some sympathy from the IMF, Ghanaians, except the the Akufo Addo family and their friends, are being made to part with every little money they have. Taxes of every kind known to mankind are now being paid by Ghanaians, and yet, there don’t seem to be a headway out of this mess. Something must be wrong somewhere that Ghanaians are not being told.

From ebay, oh, sorry, e-levy to any taxes we can name is being paid and still nothing to show for it, not to mention the loss of people’s savings and all. Where is that bottomless pit that Akufo Addo and Bawumia are pouring our resources in. Something really isn’t right. Something doesn’t add up. Unfortunately, Ghana lacks the massive collective intelligence needed to interrogate a failing and opaque governance. It seems that way. What a shame!

What is really going on.

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