March 2, 2024

Former Northern Regional Minister, Hon Salifu Sa-eed, has called for seized fire between the youth of the Dagbon traditional kingdom and the Konkomba community. There is growing tension in the northern region following a recent media onslaught between the two ethnic groups over claims of land ownership in the Dagbon area.       

“I am deeply concerned about recent incendiary pronouncements between the Dagomba and Konkonba Youth Associations. As the former Northern Regional Minister and Chairman of the Regional Security Council, I have witnessed first-hand the devastating consequences of communal violence. I urge all parties to exercise utmost restraint and work towards peaceful coexistence” he said.

Mr. Sa-eed in a statement sighted by THE CUSTODIAN said the recent unsavoury comments on social media and television have further fuelled the flames of discord between these two communities, adding it is disheartening to see how such platforms, meant to connect people and foster understanding, can be misused to spread hatred and division.

“We must remember that our strength lies in our unity. The Dagomba and Konkonba communities have coexisted for generations, sharing common values, traditions, and aspirations. We must build upon this shared heritage and reaffirm our commitment to peaceful coexistence.”

The former Chairman of the Regional Security further implored the Dagomba and Konkonba community members to be mindful of their words and actions and refrain from making inflammatory statements that can incite violence.

He emphasised, “In this critical moment, I call upon both communities’ leaders to demonstrate true leadership by calling on their tribesmen to desist from actions that could derail the peace the area has enjoyed all these years. As a student of Conflict Analysis and Resolution, I do know and appreciate the fact that, it is our collective responsibility to promote peace, harmony, and reconciliation.”

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The former Minister who supervised the implementation of the Dagbon peace pact from 2018 to 2019 cautioned the populace not to allow the actions of a few individuals to overshadow the long-standing history of coexistence and neighbourliness that the region has proudly upheld.

“Let us embrace diversity as our strength and celebrate our shared humanity. Together, we can overcome the current challenges and build a future where all members of our society can live in peace and harmony” he admonished.

Meanwhile, Mr. Salifu Sa-eed has also entreated the media to be circumspect in their reportage on issues of conflict, stating responsible Journalism should foster dialogue, understanding, and unity among diverse communities.

He further urged community leaders, religious organizations, civil society groups, the Regional and the National Houses of Chiefs, and all well-meaning individuals to actively engage in dialogue and mediation to bridge the divide between some sections of the two ethnic groups.

“We can heal the wounds and consolidate the peace through open and honest conversations, where we seek to understand one another’s perspectives” Mr. Sa-eed maintained.


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