February 21, 2024

A Nigerian chef who uses the handle @veekeejoe on Twitter set tongues wagging after asserting that some members should be sacked from entering their church premises.

In a tweet, @veekeejoe said that some people’s attire for church is immoral, and that these individuals need to be denied access to the church’s grounds.

She underlined how some Christians appear as though they were heading to a “club house” by dressing provocatively for church.

She asserts that there are numerous ways to dress for every occasion and that Christians should therefore consider their attire before entering God’s house.

She wrote: “Churches really need to send back people weraing provocative clothes to church. It’s hight time people know it’s a church and not a club house.”

The tweet generated mixed reactions as some people agreed with her while others stated that it wasn’t so.

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intimacybyhorlabeezy: “God looks at the heart and not our outfit gang. Until we start seeing bikini inside church”

naija_pr: “There’s no need to wear clothes since it’s come as you are naw.”

oreo_elsie: “I remember some churches that would hold scarfs out for people that dress indecently to church , if you use scarf cover your chest this Sunday , nobody go tell you next Sunday.”

midaspiration: “People like to twist the truth to suit their purpose. If you can’t dress immodestly to work, why dress immodestly to a place of worship and to the Presence of the God you claim to serve?!”

bababayo: “Their statement is always ” GOD sees the heart” one thing I love about Islam is that, Islam won’t allow western ideas to change its way, them no born any woman well make she enter mosque without covering her hair, if u no fear God,u go fear stones”

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chef.dnk: “I support 100% stop coming naked to church pls ladies”

nellyb72: “Seconded!!…there are different outfits for different occasions.
I once asked a friend of mine;If you are told that you have a meeting with the president,what would you likely wear?and she responded with cooperate wear offcus!…and I said to her;so you wouldn’t wear this tight and revealing mini dress yea?she said why will she?and I said to her,then why are you comfortable with this dress in church?she kept mute.”



Source: The Herald

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