March 2, 2024

Netizens have been left in awe of a military wife and her civilian husband’s enviable union following a romantic video of her trimming his toenails with a razor blade while in her uniform.

The man himself could not hide his excitement as his soldier ignored the uniform and humbled herself to make him feel like the king he was.

He took to TikTok to share a video of the lovely moment that has got many single people gushing, with men asking how he got the consent of a soldier to date her let alone marry her. According to some men on the social media platform, they are scared of approaching female soldiers although they have spotted some that they loved and wished they could have a relationship with them.

“Happy 10 years anniversary my love @arewaspecial_01. “If you can’t be a soldier just try and marry one. Female soldiers are romantic and sweet❤️❤️.

“Meet D Ede’s,” the civilian husband wrote to caption the video.

Relatedly, a senior pastor whose marriage has stood the test of time, lasting for 35 years has advised that women learn to “act like fools” to save their matrimonial unions, which includes bathing and feeding their husbands when they return home drunk.

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The Kenyan man of God, Pastor Tom Mugerwa of Mutundwe Christian Fellowship said this among other things in an interview with US-based Youtuber, Flavia Namulindwa.

“When your man comes home at 3 am in the morning, be humble, go outside and light the stove. Put on some milk for him and also warm his bathing water. If he’s too drunk to shower himself you should help him as well,” he said.

His counsel followed a question of why he places so much premium on the training of married women through seminars and conferences while paying less attention to men.

Women by nature are submissive and flexible, they can easily take instructions, so if you are able to change them, it is easier for them to influence their husbandsMen, on the other hand, are too big-headed,” Pastor Mugerwa said in response to Namulindwa.

Out of surprise, the interviewer asked the man of God if he would give his daughters the same advice, and he answered in the affirmative, saying they are practising it and it is helping their marriages.

I have married daughters and I have given this advice to them and they practice it.”

Pastor Mugerwa explained further that marriages are bound to fail unless one of the people involved humbles themselves, a trait he said women possess, which they must utilize.

We as human beings do wrong to others and to God, but he’s always good to us. Evil cannot fix evil…if your man is evil and you decide to respond with evil, that will be a draw, and the marriage will fail,” he cautioned.

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Many marriages have failed and many more are on the verge of collapsing for several reasons, including needless clash of egos, lack of submission, infidelity and irresponsibility among other things.


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