May 24, 2024

Catholic priest takes a wife; says God didn’t make a mistake creating man and woman


An ordained Kenyan Catholic priest has taken the unusual step of getting married.

In the Catholic tradition, priests are supposed to commit to a life of celibacy but Reverend Father Edwin Gathang’i Waiguru has now joined a splinter group, known as the Catholic Charismatic church.

Bishop Patrick Mulau of the Kirinyaga Charismatic Church conducted the wedding ceremony on Sunday in Kiambu country, just north of the capital, Nairobi.

Standing next to his bride, Margaret Wanjira Githui, Father Waiguru said “it is possible to serve God and have a family and have a lovely wife”.

“God did not make a mistake when he created a man and a woman and He said it is not good for somebody to be alone.”

Father Waiguru said after being sent to preach in North and South America, he felt the need to marry and have a family.

When he returned to Kenya, he decided to marry in a traditional ceremony. The couple was blessed with two children.

He was ordained again as a Charismatic priest and also solemnized his marriage. He said he can now say he has lived to his calling of priesthood.

“I am very happy. To my wife, I promise to love you always,” he said.

Hundreds of the couple’s family and friends went to witness the unusual ceremony, NTV reports.


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