June 14, 2024

Netizens have been condemning the conduct of a motorcycle rider who attacked and slapped a street preacher causing him to fall to the ground.

Footage of the incident which took place in Kenya has been circulating online and attracting numerous reactions.

The video shows the preacher and the rider in a heated altercation and the latter got off the motorcycle and held the former by the collar of his shirt, threatening to beat him.

A woman standing by is heard shouting and urging the tall and heavily-built rider to free the evangelist, and he did. After gaining freedom, the preacher continued to shout “Shetani, pepo!”, Kiswahili words which translate as ‘Satan, demon’.

The rider who was about to ride off became angrier and slapped the preacher mildly, but he continued to command fire on him, saying he was Satan and a demon.

Unable to take it anymore, the rider landed a heavy slap on the face of the preacher, causing him to daze before falling flat on the floor. He is seen struggling to get up from the ground, but it appears he hit the ground so hard.

Some netizens have expressed unhappiness about the incident, saying the rider should have just ridden off and avoided assaulting the preacher who was doing the work of God.

Some of them were unenthused about a certain woman captured in the video laughing hard at the evangelist’s ordeal as they say her action depicted heartlessness.

This incident, although unacceptable, mirrors how a section of society always has issues with street preachers, claiming they disturb their peace.






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