May 24, 2024

In a bid to turn a millionaire instantly on a silver platter, a young man used monies belonging to other people for sports betting and lost; when he was receiving hot slaps from the angry owners of the money, he knelt to beg for forgiveness.

A video has emerged online in which he is seen kneeling and pleading for forgiveness while the people whose monies he lost during the lottery game land heavy slaps on his face.

According to, the young man was given the sums of N450,000 and N300,000 separately (GHC11,020 in total), which he lost to sports betting.

Meanwhile, the government of Ghana’s 10% betting tax to be slapped on winnings from sports betting, which took effect from Tuesday, August 15 has stirred angry reactions among Ghanaian youth, with some politicians and analysts expressing divided views on the matter.

While some people say the government has not created sufficient jobs for the millions of unemployed youths and should not attempt to frustrate the only means some of them are able to make money to fend for themselves, others say the activity makes the youth lazy, so imposing a tax on it will discourage them from engaging in it. Another school of thought is that taxing an activity that is considered to have the potential to harm the citizenry is tantamount to legitimizing it.


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