April 24, 2024

The Founder and Leader of the Word Fire Church at Gomoa Budumburam, popularly called Liberia Camp, Osofo George Kwesi Mensah, has been accused of allegedly using the word of God and his work as Osofo to deceive his unsuspecting church members by taking money, food, clothing and other items from them.

One of his church members, Madam Linda Boatemaa, a trader at Liberia Camp disclosed this recently in an interview at the Liberia Camp.

She said she left her original Church at the Liberia Camp to join Word Fire, taking the pastor was a true man of God.

Narrating her ordeal, Madam Linda said Osofo Mensah has used ticklish ways and allegedly manhandled and cheated her so many times.

According to her, there is a female member of the Church called Yaa Mother who is also a tenant at her family house who allegedly teamed up with the ‘Man of God’ to constantly rain insults on her by calling her a prostitute without any provocation.

Madam Linda said she took the insults very serious and rhetorically asked whether it is a crime to be a single mother as people usually attack single mothers like herself and even condemn them most of the time.

She noted further that, from the beginning when she joined the Word Fire Church, she was a very close acquaintance of Osofo Mensah to the extent that she and her mother Maame Berdime used to give the Osofo free food, clothing and even money and other things.

Madam Linda hinted that Osofo Mensah at a point in time, even wanted to befriend her amorously but she refused because the Osofo has a wife.

She alleged that the Osofo even went to the extent of flirting with women and girls in his Church until majority of the members left the Church, describing their leader as a ‘con Pastor’.

According to her, Pastor Mensah decided to get her a male partner to marry but it was all fake arrangement made by him to defraud her.

Madam Linda added that the Osofo and Yaa Mother have been damaging her image in their community at the Camp that an Electrician by name Agbe has been flirting with her, which she stressed is never true.

She said boldly that judging by the deeds of Mr. Mensah, it is clear that the pastor is not a man of God but fake.

Speaking to her mother, Maame Berdime, a trader, she also described Osofo Mensah is a con man.

She reiterated that at first, they all used to live together nicely because they are all Akans from the same area.

Maame Berdime said as a result of this, her daughter Linda took the Osofo as an uncle and a friend.

She said she advised her daughter at a point in time to be careful with the Osofo, adding that, her daughter even provided the Osofo food, money, clothing and other things whilst she the mum was even struggling to survive.

Maame Berdime added that per the behaviour of the Osofo, it is clear that he is not from God.

She has therefore appealed to the Government to flush out all such fake pastors from the system for unsuspecting citizens to have their peace.

Meanwhile all efforts to contact Osofo Mensah to state his side of the matter proved futile.

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