April 23, 2024

Host of the Onua Morning Show, Godsbrain Smart popularly known as Captain Smart has announced his decision to leave the Onua TV Radio brand. 



Captain Smart joined the station in 2021 after quitting Angel FM under controversial circumstances.

Since joining Onua TV, the station has received several cautions from the National Media Commission(NMC) over the broadcast style of Mr. Smart.

It is not clear whether his departure is linked to the issues with the NMC.



On the show today, Captain Smart announced he was leaving Onua TV to pursue new challenges and opportunities in the media industry saying he has done “enough”.

“Let me thank those who I leave them behind. You’ve all done well. From security to drivers. And well and today I want to Bow respectfully and say bless all of you. But for you, we will not get here. It is because of you, we are where we are today. A lot of people do not understand my speed. You may not actually understand me, until you hear my very loud silence, then you would appreciate that how we wish he was here or he were here” He said.

He added: “I leave when the Applause is loud. Let me thank you all for your Indulgence for your passion your compassion your empathy every thing put together that you wake up every other morning to come listen tome once again let me thank the management of media general for containing me my speed is always supersonic is always supersonicI am a fixer I fix I make sure the dead will rise. I always make sure, that what is spoiled, the station that is dead and nothing can be done about it, that is where I bring it up. So thank you all Ghanaians. We have done enough. Someone should come and continue.”

Source: MyNewsGh.com


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