March 2, 2024

The   has described the   as a limping Majority Leader.

He also described Nana Addo Dankwa  as a .

He explained that the Majority side, at this point in time, would need to build consensus with the  side regarding the approval of the , but that the Majority Leader has not been able to gather all his members for the debate on the  statement.

Parliament commenced debate on the budget on Tuesday, November 21.

The  said during proceedings “I expect the Majority who have a limping Majority leader, limping because when you look at his back you’re less than those in front of you. You have a lame duck president, a lame duck because you have elected a flagbearer, and loyalty and commitment are shifting. So your president is now lame duck president,” he said.

Mr Bagbin added “You need this side of the house to support you to finish your eight years. And so if you don’t behave well, we have difficulty in proceeding as a nation,” he said.

“Please, I expect you to cooperate; I will not allow them to bully you. You’ll get sufficient time to put across your case.”

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