March 4, 2024


The parliamentary primaries of the NDC is announced to take effect on the 13th of May 2023, the race for who leads the NDC party in the Tano south constituency of the Ahafo region has seen great warriors of 4 battling to settle on the parliamentary aspirant to unseat NPP MP.


Mr. Usman Fakih Suallah, an astute member of the NDC in the Tano south constituency and a parliamentary candidate hopeful has disclosed that he is the right person among the 4persons who have shown interest to lead the party on the parliamentary front in the upcoming general elections.


Speaking in an interview on High Radio Morning Show dubbed High Morning Breeze chaired by Kwaku Mensah Abrampa, he stated that he is the only one who has the experience of contesting this same spot and was told to allow Dr Hanna Louisa Bisiw because she was experienced than me now that she is no more coming am the next to lead adding that his confidence level, political background, and social relationship qualifies him ahead of the other aspirants who are may be unable to handle the parliamentary seat when given them the nod to lead the party for the upcoming general elections, therefore delegates must entrust him with the seat because he has all the qualities it takes for a candidate to win power with explaining that he is a great unifier, he has the organizational skills to ensure members are mobilized from in and outside NDC to generate needed results for the party in 2024 general elections.

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He noted that NDC is always voted against in the Tano South constituency despite the hard work of their former members of parliament due to inadequate communication stressing that they were unfortunate to ruled in the era when traditional media, social media and its followers wasn’t too common and this made people unable to follow the achievements of the party as expected.


Hon. Usman Fakih Suallah added that some past executives of the party were a bit one-sided making it difficult for them to ensure effective reconciliation exercise which affected the peace and unity of the party to some extend hence voting for him in collaboration with the new crop of party executives will ensure unity and peace among themselves to help win the seat from NPP.





By: Kwaku Mensah Abrampa

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