July 20, 2024


The Nutrition officer at the Sampa Government Hospital, Mr. Addai Yeboah Joseph has cautioned Ghanaians to refrain from excessive intake of processed and canned foods to avoid other health complications as a result of those foods.

He said that foods prepared by oneself in the house are well known for their nutritious and rich contents of nutrients in the ingredients being used as compared to already processed and canned foods imported into the country which only have a description of their ingredients without any proof and evidence of the underlisted ingredients purported to be used for those food products.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Kwaku Mensah Abrampa, High Radio Morning Show Host, he stated that canned and processed foods contain plenty of oil and fatty products that cause a lot of health complications resulting in diabetes, pressure, heart problems, and other related ailments hence it is very essential to practice the consumption of locally prepared foods with all the local ingredients which are highly rich in nutrients to prevent the human body from ailments because the continuous consumption of imported canned and processed foods have a lot of complications on the body.

Mr. Addai Yeboah Joseph attributed the continuous consumption of these canned foods as a result of increasing rate of prices of food in the country indicating that the indigenes of the country are patronizing imported foods as a result of the high cost of our local foods produce with prices of fruits and other local foods at the various markets within the country keep soaring high.

He stressed that some other local fruits have one cultivation period annually which according to him compels Ghanaians to patronize canned and the other processed foods as a result of the lack of these local foods in some seasons of the year.

He finally advised Ghanaians to desist from excessive intake of processed food and ensure effective prioritization of the local foods we consume each day by ensuring that those foods have some quality nutrients that can support our daily activities.


By Kwaku Mensah Abrampa

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