July 20, 2024

Ghanaian Gospel sensation, Empress Gifty, recently shared her evolving perceptions about Ewe men and her appreciation for their culture.

During an engaging interview on 3FM Drive, with hosts Giovanni Caleb and AJ Sarpong, the award-winning Gospel artist shared that she believes Ewe men are good in bed.

Being married to an Ewe man, Empress Gifty confessed that her initial belief was that Ewe men lacked romantic tendencies.

She disclosed that her mother had instilled this notion in her. However, her own marriage experience proved otherwise. She described her husband as a gentleman who consistently encourages her to be the best version of herself.

Empress Gifty also admired her husband’s ability to stand by her in public, even when she’s wrong, and then guide her in private.

“At first I had the perception that Ewe men are not romantic. My mum told me. I have learnt a lot being married to one. I met a nice gentleman who always wants the best out of me ( referring to her husband). One thing I love about him is, even if I’m wrong, publicly, my husband will support me but when we come home, he puts me back on track,” she shared.

Championing the idea of experiencing cultures firsthand before forming opinions, Empress Gifty urged people to engage with individuals from various backgrounds to truly understand their essence.

“Back then, I had some thoughts about other tribes but I’ve learnt that you need to get to know them, have contact with them and have your own experience before if you want to say something, you can go ahead,” she mentioned.

According to her, “Ewe people are so lovely. They are also very good in bed.”

Her marriage to Mr. Hopeson Yaovi Adorye, a prominent member of the NPP, exemplifies how love transcends cultural boundaries.


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