March 4, 2024

It took the swift intervention by the police in Tuobodom to prevent what would have been a bloody clash between supporters of the MP for the area and those of the DCE over who has the right to replace a dysfunctional traffic light.

Lawyer Elizabeth Ofosu Adjare, the Member of Parliament for Techiman North was in the district capital where contractors had brought their machinery to replace the faulty traffic lights at her instance. According to the residents of the area, it was her 2020 campaign promise to fix it to reduce road accidents at the intersection in question.

However, the Chief Executive of the Techiman North District in the Bono region, Everson Addo-Donkor ordered the police commander to stop the legislator from replacing the traffic light because it is not her government that is in power.

This resulted in a clash between the supporters of the two politicians, with those of the MP insisting that the contractor should go ahead with the work, while those of the DECE were against it.

Eventually, the police commander asked the contractor to leave the site and keep his tools at the police station for the disagreement to be resolved before he proceeds.

The development has angered many residents of Tuobodom who have vowed to ensure the MP is allowed to fulfil her campaign promise to them, which would also bring an end to the incessant loss of lives at the said section of the busy road due to the absence of a traffic light.

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