May 24, 2024

Former Presidential Staffer, Stan Xoese Dogbe, has taken swipe at President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

 after he was strongly criticized by John Mahama for alleging that the judiciary has been packed with judges aligned with the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Addressing the Ghana Bar Conference at the University of Cape Coast, Nana Addo expressed deep concern over Mahama’s comments, describing them as “very dangerous” to the progress of the country.

He emphasized that such statements should not be made by someone of Mahama’s stature.

Nana Addo further highlighted that this represents a significant challenge to the independence of the judiciary in Ghana, constituting one of the most severe attacks in its history.

He also said his government has undertaken the boldest initiatives since independence to reform and strengthen the capacity of the nation’s institutions to tackle corruption in the public sector.

He stated that he will continue to chart this cause despite being labeled a “clearing agent” by some critics.

Stan Dogbe adding his voice to Nana Addo’s reaction to Mahama in an X post questioned his credibility in the fight against corruption.

“How will an internationally known corrupt president whose appointees steal at free will because their boss will clear them, go struggling to trumpet how he has been fighting the canker?” he queried.

Stan Dogbe said he thought the President will be bold to challenge the Aljazeera crew that exposed his corrupt deals adding that a mother serpent of corruption trying to clean himself up.

He noted that even a JHS student today knows Nana Addo has gone past former President John Kufuor’s record of packing the courts with pro-NPP judges instead of judges appointed on merit.

Stan Dogbe indicated that Ghanaians know John Mahama is better, far better than Nana Addo, and will vote for him to come bring the country back on the right track.

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