June 14, 2024

A section of the public has criticized President Akufo-Addo for extending condolences to Morocco following the recent earthquake they experienced last Friday (September 8, 2023).

They argue that the President should also express condolences to Ghanaians who are currently facing hardships in the country.

On Twitter, Kojo Dynamic referred to him as the “chief mourner” and called for his focus on developing the country and combating corruption.

Kojo Dynamic tweeted: “Chief mourner, international mourner, funeral announcer. Ayekoooo. Let’s work on development and fight corruption.”

Another Twitter user, Kwesi Pino, pointed out that Ghanaians were facing a different kind of disaster, and the President should address their concerns.

Kwesi Pino tweeted: “Your Excellency, extend your deepest condolences to us Ghanaians as well. We are also experiencing another type of disaster here. 🤣”

Another user, Berry, criticized the President for being quick to tweet about international events while neglecting issues in the country that require urgent attention.

Berry tweeted: “You’re fast to tweet about events outside the country but can’t address issues in your own country. Eight people died during the election, and the people of Keita were displaced due to riverbanks crossing their boundaries. People are dying on our roads while you travel on rented jets.”

Despite the criticism, President Akufo-Addo expressed support for Morocco and encouraged Ghanaians to pray for the affected families. He stated, “We pray for the families of the victims and wish the injured a speedy recovery. Morocco has a friend in Ghana, and she can count on our support during these difficult times.”

Meanwhile, the Moroccan government has accepted aid from four countries – Britain, Spain, Qatar, and the UAE.

This earthquake in Morocco is the deadliest since 1960 when it claimed the lives of over 12,000 people.

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