March 2, 2024


Political science lecturer at Wisconsin University, Dr. Akwasi Gyebi Prempeh has stated that it is sad to note how our political leaders keep blaming the economic hardship on Covid 19 and the Russia-Ukraine war. He indicated that the constant blame for covid 19 as the reason behind the country’s economic challenges has become a thing of the norm which according to him is worrisome hence it must be stopped.


Speaking in an interview on High Radio morning show dubbed High Morning breeze chaired by Kwaku Mensah Abrampa on the Wake of the State of the Nation Address delivered by president Akufo Addo, he stressed that despite the existence of the covid 19, there is the need to desist from the continuous blame for the pandemic because all the protocols ensuring the prevention and protection of oneself from contracting the virus have been expelled by the WHO and the president of Ghana adding that the Russia-Ukraine war has no impact on the country hence our politicians must face reality and tackle the menace created rather than to portion blames to things that have nothing to do with their poor governance.

He finally added that there is no hope in the State Of the Nation address delivered by the president last Wednesday because most of his facts were based on the existence of Covid 19 and Russia-Ukraine which is not ending any time soon hence it signifies that the country shall continue to endure these economic and social mess until covid and the war in Russia and Ukraine elapses.

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Story By: Kwaku Mensah Abrampa/

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