June 14, 2024

The Bono East Regional Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. David Boakye, has called on Ghanaian youth to carefully study the debate on the sports betting tax between government and the opposition NDC.

Speaking on wontumi TV/Radio morning show, Mr Boakye noted that, the double tongue disposition of the NDC is clearly an indication that they want to run away from an earlier statement by one of their own in order to escape blame and to win favour from the youth.

Risibly, the NDC director of communication, Sammy Gyamfi had earlier posited that the NDC would introduce betting tax if the NDC emerges victorious in the 2024 elections.
Sammy Gyamfi further posited that the NDC would employ the various sports presenters as the main agents for the collection of betting tax.

Also, the minority leader, Casiel Ato Forson had also insisted that betting in Ghana should be banned,
But the secretary cautioned Ghanaians to be careful on the double standard of the NDC.
“This is a populist prank by the NDC aimed at inciting and instigating the youth to demonstrate against the betting tax “He cautioned.

Mr Boakye is hopeful that “this confusion will expose the populist attitude of the NDC, because the Gurus of party say Government should ban betting while the NPP is calling for 10% on winning outcome.”

He said, the youth will eventually choose between the two, a ban or 10% levy

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