April 22, 2024


Senior Political Science lecturer, Prof Ransford Gyampo, has urged the New Patriotic Party (NPP) leadership to live up to the guidelines drawnup for their presidential primaries

later in the month.

Prof Gyampo lauded the NPP for setting out the conduct for running the presidential primaries but said it would be meaningless should the same people who birthed it begin to flout it.

He said the guidelines when implemented to the letter, devoid of intimidation and threats of victimisation, would create a level playing

field for the keenly awaited contest and produce a winner acceptable by all.

Some of the key guidelines issued by the party include the absence of uniformed and armed security detail of government officials and Members of Parliament, the prevention of active government officials and MPs from serving as polling agents, no electronic gadgets or phones in the polling booths, no speeches or canvassing for votes at polling centres, among others.

Prof Gyampo asked those in the party’s position of trust, to police the rigid implementation of these guidelines, adding, “it is in their own interest to do so”.

The special delegates conference is slated for August 26, 2023 while the national showdown is set for November 4, 2023.


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