May 24, 2024

I have read your response to what I wrote about you in the report I sent to the Chief of Staff a little over two years ago. You have denied what wrote and that is normal. Very few people in your position will own up to their wrongdoings.

I have good advice for you, though. When was part of the government, we were colleagues and I related to you as such. Now I will advise you as my son, just as do my children. After all you are the same age as my 4th born son. When returned to Ghana from Germany to start the cardiothoracic
project you were just 6 years old as my 4th child. I will not lie to you or insult you or be harsh on you.

My advice is, always remember that political power is both short-lived and effervescent. In about 2 years’ time you may no longer be in government and you may experience the real world as former high profile political powerholders do. will urge you to do your work diligently and avoid the coded and evil tactics Mr. Paul Adom Okyere boastfully and unashamedly told the world on ‘Good Evening Ghana’ that you employ to deal with your real and perceived enemies.

Let me touch briefly on Illegal mining. Last week someone from your constituency sent me a video recording of illegal mining activities close to your hometown. I don’t want to believe that what the person said about your role is true. The important thing is that Chinese and their Ghanaian collaborators are engaged in illegal mining at your doorstep. I encourage you to investigate it and take appropriate action. The President of the Republic assures Ghanaians again and again that he is serious with the fight against illegal mining.

As you well know, illegal mining does not only refer to non-possession of a concession or mining permits but also the following:

  1. Mining close to water bodies

  2. Diversion of tailings into water bodies 3. Mining in the water bodies

  3. Use of dangerous chemicals such as mercury and cyanide 5. Engagement of foreigners in small scale mining

  4. Non-reclamation of mined out areas.

Have a blessed day.

Prof. Dr. Med. Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng

Accra, 23 April 2023


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