April 12, 2024

He expressed his concern at the way and manner Piesie Esther got too close to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and sang at him for quite some time while she was performing at the event.

The media personality indicated that Piesie Esther made President Akufo-Addo uncomfortable with her approach and added that the act was unprofessional and did not speak well of her.

While speaking on the Peace FM Entertainment Review show which was monitored by GhanaWeb, Kwasi Aboagye admonished Piesie Esther to learn how to perform at events where prominent personalities are present in order to avoid embarrassment another time.

“Piesie Esther’s performance at the Tagoe Sisters 40th anniversary was very good but she needs to be cautious about something she did. Where I found problematic was when she went to stand beside the president [Akufo-Addo] and the way she was singing at him was something else.

“Maybe the president wished he could tell her to stop but because it was public he didn’t. The point is that there are certain things that you need to think deeply about before doing it. Because the way she was singing the song and was too close to the president, I think it was weird and she made the president a bit uncomfortable,” he said.

He went ahead to advise Piesie Esther saying: “A lot of people have reacted to it, I think it was a bit unprofessional with the manner in which she acted. Next time if you get the opportunity to perform at an event and there are prominent personalities like the President, know how you will do it. The president couldn’t say anything because it was a public event but I am telling you. Whether you like it or not I have said it.”


A video of Piesie Esther, serenading President Akufo-Addo with her popular ‘Waye Me Yie’ song was met with interesting reactions from netizens online.

At the 40th anniversary celebration of veteran gospel singers, Tagoe sisters, Piesie Esther walked straight to President Akufo-Addo’s seat and ministered to him, while patrons looked and cheered on.

Maintaining close contact with the president, who was captured listening attentively to the ministration, Piesie Esther specially dedicated parts of the song’s hook to him.

“While I was embarrassed by enemies, I resorted to prayer and cried out to God to save me,” Piesie sang, after which she replaced the line, “The God of Jacob lifted me” with “The God of NPP lifted me.”

This triggered laughter from the president as well as some mixed reactions from patrons, including the event hosts, Tagoe sisters.

However, some netizens condemned the development while others applauded the gospel singer for what was termed, a smart approach to marketing herself to the president.

Watch the video below

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