May 27, 2024

The Founder and President of World Wide Miracle, Rev. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh has stated that Members of Parliament who do not openly support anti-gay bill will be affected.

Speaking on Starr Chat with Bola Ray, Dr. Tetteh stated that gayism is not part of Ghana’s culture and must not be forced on us.

“The sad thing is that the community we live in we don’t even have enough medical facilities let alone creating an environment. In Great Britain where I have lived for many years, there are walk-in clinics where people go and the thing is sunk from their anus.

“Here what clinics do we have, I can’t support gay rights, and I’m a preacher of the gospel. Human rights then we also have the right to life,” Dr. Lawrence Tetteh stated.

He emphasized that Ghanaians must not forget their responsibilities in protecting their tradition and culture.

“In fact, it is even against certain peoples’ right to also force on them a tradition and culture that is not Ghanaian. So I will never support gay, and I love them but I hate that attitude and I will not allow it. What I don’t believe in is violence, we should not be. It is a way of life that we should be able to handle.

“We should handle it with a lot of tact and wisdom and also say no to homosexual, I will say no today and say no tomorrow,” he added.

According to him, all the former Presidents in Ghana married and the current President though he lost his first wife he married again.

“If he believes in gayism he will not have married again so he should please support this bill and that will be the biggest plus and leader would have in Ghana. And don’t forget that in this instant we are talking about all the religious bodies and traditional bodies and even fetish priests have come together.

“I keep on saying that this coming election will be a very interesting one where certain parliamentarians who don’t stick their neck out and support it, it will affect them. The President has that responsibility, he owes Ghana that responsibility, the President married when his wife died,” he added.


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