June 14, 2024

The National Media Commission (NMC) has asserted that Oyerepa FM/TV, particularly its program host known as “Aunty Naa,” lacks the authority to coerce individuals into participating in their programs without consent.

According to a report by Graphic.com.gh, the decision comes in response to a complaint filed by Daniel Gyapanin, head of the Denkyira Agona Kwadwom Abusua of Jukwa family in the Central Region, against Oyerepa FM/TV.

The controversy arose from an episode of the social issues program, Oyerepa Afutuo, aired on April 25, 2023. During this episode, guests, hosts, and panel members made unguided and derogatory comments about Daniel Gyapanin in relation to a case involving a missing dead body at the mortuary.

In a settlement committee meeting, the NMC found that Oyerepa had erred by allowing participants to assume the role of judges in a family matter. The NMC directed the media house to refrain from compelling individuals to appear on their program without obtaining consent from all involved parties. If a party is unwilling to participate, the program should be halted immediately.

While acknowledging the program’s entertainment value and its role in issue resolution, the NMC emphasized the importance of providing fair hearing to all parties. The commission highlighted that parties are not legally obligated to submit to the host and urged the station to avoid intimidation, threats, or disregarding due process when participants decline involvement.

Read the full statement by the NMC below:


The National Media Commission has directed that Oyerepa TV/FM Stations has no authority to compel any person to appear on any of their programmes whether live or recorded.

At a settlement committee meeting on a complaint lodged by Daniel Gyapanin, head of the Denkyira Agona Kwadwom Abusua of Jukwa Family in the Central Region against Oyerepa FM/TV, the Commission noted that the station erred when discussants on the programme turned themselves into panel of Judges to pronounce on a family matter.

The Commission further said that the radio/Television stations must seek the consent of all parties involved in an issue before a programme can be broadcast, stressing that if a party is not willing and therefore absent the programme should be stopped.

The Commission emphasized that is incumbent on every director of programme to immediately stop the programme, if the other party does not want to make comments or be part of the discussion.

At a settlement meeting on Wednesday, October 18, 2023, it emerged that Oyerepa FM has a social issues programme which discusses very pertinent concerns of people in Kumasi and its environs. It was during one of the discussions on Tuesday, April 25, 2023 that the guest, host and panel members made unguided, uncultured and derogatory comments against the Denkyira Agona Kwadwom Abusua of Jukwa in a case involving a missing dead body at the mortuary.

The Commission noted that by giving fair hearing to all parties over issues in a programme, the radio/TV Stations will be following the basic rules and standards in the discharge of their duties.

The Commission noted that although the programme has helped in resolving a number of issues there is no law binding parties to submit to the host of the programme.

It was further noted beyond the entertainment value of the programme, it could be useful for one as long as the parties willingly yield in responding to invitations. Therefore, where any party declines to participate in the programme, the station should not resort to intimidation, threats and disregard for the rule of law and due process in passing comments or drawing conclusions and judgement.

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