July 20, 2024

Ghanaian based German, Ghana Boy Trede released fresh fire on Prophet Kofi Amponsah and he themed his response as “Fake Pastors” In the process of leashing “fire” on some Ghanaian Prophets, Ghana Boy Trede finally reacted to the circulating video in which Prophet Kofi Amponsah, was criticizing and lambasting the vice president Dr Bawumia for for his leadership style being Ghana’s problem.

Ghana Boy Trede confronted the Kumasi based Prophet and declared that he is fake and aa scammer in Christ. This is because he explained that, Dr Bawumia has all it takes to become the next president of Ghana and deserves all respect for his role as the vice president of Ghana. He challenged the prophet to pronounce illness or anything bad for him if he has the powers to unmake the vice president a candidate or a president.

“Kofi Amponsah or what ever you call yourself, focus on how you fraud your church members and stay away from politics. How dare you to tell us our vice president, Ghana’s preparty is unwise, why should you say that and throw a challenge for a brave man should respond, I’ve come to respond and also given you a two or three months ultimatum will be in danger”, why have you forgotten the Bible so soon, he asked.

He predicted a massive win for the vice president in both supper delegates conference and the main election

Ghana Boy Trede (Video)


Man of God, Prophet Kofi Amponsah has sent a very strong message to Vice President Bawumia on his bid to become the president of Ghana.

Preaching in church about Ghana, he advised Ghanaians never to say Ghana will never prosper because such a statement coming from your mouth as a Ghanaian is a curse to oneself.

He then said people should tell Bawumia that as long as he, Prophet Kofi Amponsah lives, Bawumia can never become President.

The man of God stressed that as long as he lives and his God lives, Bawumia can never be President of Ghana.

According to him, the country isn’t for Bawumia and if he had any sense, why didn’t he use it to help Akufo-Addo to govern the country well.

The Prophet went as far as sounding like he is peeved at how Bawumia’s photos have been pasted in all party offices of the NPP with no respect to the other 9 presidential aspirants.

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