June 14, 2024

Woman Locks Police Officer in Her Car, Says She Wanted to Teach Him Lesson For Intruding
A Nairobi woman who locked a Kanjo Askari in his car has revealed that she intended to teach him a lesson for entering her vehicle without her consent.

The bold woman, identified as Gloria Ntazola, who is now an internet sensation after her counter with the Askari, said she and the Kanjo ended up going on a long ride after he forcefully entered his vehicle.

Speaking to NTV, the female motorist said she remained upbeat as she did not want the Kanjo officer to bully her, and he was the one who defied traffic laws. Unlock the best of Yen.com.gh on Pinterest! Subscribe now and get your daily inspiration! “I could not allow him to bully me. I locked him in my car and decided that we should waste time together. I wanted to take him on a long ride, but it was a bit late.

I used the expressway to Kitengela. I took him to Kitengela a place where he could not get a matatu. I left him there and told him to spend his money to get back to the CBD,” she said. The lady said the incident happened around Jeevanjee, and she even drove him to her Kilimani neighbourhood.

“After I picked him up, Jeevanjee, I even took him around the place where I live around the Kilimani area. I showed him where I live. I even suspected whether he was a kanjo askari or a random man just bullying people around,” she added.

Viral Kanjo video The incident, captured on video and shared by Ntazola, quickly went viral, showing the bizarre encounter between the officer and the lady. It all began when the officer approached the lady’s car after a parking offence and entered her vehicle. The lady was understandably taken aback and immediately questioned the officer’s actions.

“Why have you got into my car? Why are you people like that? Was that an offence to make you get into my car? I’m going with you to my destination because why would you get into my car? Are you a traffic police?” she asked. Subscribe to watch new videos

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