May 21, 2024

A woman has disclosed the strategy she uses in serving food to her husband only on his payday to have him doll out money to her under the influence of excessive pampering.

It is not clear if she is already respectful and submissive to the husband and only intensifies it on his payday. But according to her, she puts all her ego away and does what some feminists hate to hear or see. She carries the food neatly on a tray and while her husband is seated and waiting to eat, she approaches and places the food before him while kneeling. As if that wasn’t enough, she then joins her hands and lies on the ground like a submissive servant submitting to a king.

She recorded a video of herself demonstrating her manipulative nine-day wonder submission which was uploaded to TikTok and it has got many users of the platform reacting.

Relatedly, marriage counsellor Charlotte Oduro advised women to give their husbands extra pampering whenever they cheat on them with other women.She explained that when a woman’s husband cheats on her, it calls for self-introspection to figure out where she fell short in making him comfortable and then improve on it.

According to her, it is completely unwise of a woman to divorce her husband because of infidelity, adding that others are ready to grab him without hesitation.

While some people disagreed with her, saying she was giving philandering men a shot in the arm, others thought her opinion was spot on.

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