March 4, 2024

In a heartwarming and unexpected happening, a man believed to be ‘mentally challenged’ amazed onlookers when he flawlessly began singing one of Charles Kwadwo Fosu, popularly known as Daddy Lumba’s hit songs, “Makra Mo,” word-for-word.

This happened at a funeral.

The uplifting incident left bystanders in awe of the man’s musical memory, with some asking if the man was indeed mentally challenged.

From the video shared by an X user, @eddie_wrt, the man is clearly seen miming to the tune with joy, as the ‘Makra Mo’ blasted out from the loud speakers at the funeral ground.

Captivated by the man’s performance, he was handed a microphone, now allowing him to step into the spotlight and deliver the song.

As the man showcased his impressive musical abilities, astonished spectators were moved to show their appreciation by offering him money during his performance.

Many social media users have since shared the video and commended the man. Lumba has since been trending on X, formerly Twitter.

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