June 25, 2024


The final verdict after the National Democratic

Congress’ Saturday, May 13, 2023, internal polls would be that only one person has sailed through.

It is this verdict that the three candidates vying for the presidential candidate slot of the party would individually want to hear.

However, the decision will be left only in the hands of the several thousand NDC delegates who will gather across all the constituencies of the country to vote.

John Dramani Mahama, Dr. Kwabena Duffuor, and Kojo Bonsu, now have only about 48 hours to firm up their convincing tactics with these delegates.

Whether they will be convinced enough or not, the results of Saturday will show.

But while you’re at it, have you wondered exactly what messages the three candidates are sharing with their constituents?

Here is a breakdown of the major key points and messages that are being shared with the delegates of the National Democratic Congress, put together by our source


Kojo Bonsu

The former mayor of Kumasi has been traveling the country with a message focused on reshaping the party.

Here they are:

  1. Introduction of a Prestige Card for party dues paying members. In case of any unfortunate circumstance such as death, the person will be given GHC10,000 as a welfare from the dues they’ve been paying…. The card also caters for 30 days hospitalization fee within a year.

  2. Building a moduled party offices for every constituency in Ghana, create a bank account, and giving a seed fund to start up a project. This he believes, will bring transparency and accountability while helping the party run as a corporate entity.

  3. Select two people from each constituency to become presidential staffers.

  4. Bring power to the grassroots by adopting a bottom-down approach in the party’s decision making process.

  5. Revitalize the party to become a more formidable force across the continent and attract more people to the party.

Dr Kwabena Duffuor

Dr. Duffuor is one of the stalwarts of the NDC who is also looking to become the party’s flagbearer.

He is a former Minister of Finance, a former Governor of the Bank of Ghana, and an accomplished businessman.

With the Ahotor Project being one of his cardinal selling points, Dr. Duffuor hopes to revive a number of initiatives that, hitherto, brought prestige to party.

These are his messages:

  1. An NDC Investment Fund


  1. The NDC Pension Fund


  1. Reviving the NDC Heroes Fund


  1. Real-time Collation System for the NDC


  1. Salary Structure for NDC Executives


  1. Staff Regional and Constituency Offices


  1. NDC Professional Academy


  1. Ahotor Project


  1. Women’s Fund


What will DKD do for Ghana?


  • Restore the economy within 2 years


  • Create fiscal space for development


  • Intensify domestic resource mobilization


  • Reduce government expenditure


  • Run a lean government (23 ministers and 23 deputy ministers)


  • Develop and secure the food value chain


  • Job creation


  • Expanding access to healthcare services


  • Expanding access to quality education, and promoting vocational and technical training


John Dramani Mahama

The former president of Ghana is making his fourth attempt at become the presidential candidate of the NDC.


Having won all the attempts he has made in the past, with the first one winning him the general election of 2012, he is a force to be reckoned with.


While there is no detailed outline of the messages John Mahama has been sharing with delegates of his party, he has themed his campaign, Building the Ghana We Want.


In his nationwide tours, the former president has spoken about things such as cancelling the ex-gratia, reviving the economy, and restoring the hopes of Ghanaians in the political leadership of the country, among many others.




Source: Ghanaweb

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