May 21, 2024

Many Ghanaians are lauding the MP for standing up for Ghanaian and African values on the issue of gender, sexuality, and marriage.

During his address, which took a little over 6 minutes, Sam George categorically stated that Ghanaian and African culture only allows for marriage between a man and a woman.

He also stated that the sex of a human being, which is often confused with gender, is determined by God at birth and can’t be assigned after birth.

“…Sex is a biological construct that transcends race, ethnicity, religion and jurisdictional jurisprudence. Sex is binary – either male or female. God determines it at the moment of conception. A foetus carries either the XY or XX chromosomes, determining whether it is born male or female. From my beloved Ningo-Prampram Constituency in Accra to New York and Rio de Janeiro to Madrid or Delhi to Perth, the interpretation of XY and XX is constant.

“Gender, on the other hand, is a social construct that has evolved on the peculiarities of various societies. From the onset, matching the binary nature of sex, we see different recognitions of gender across the world today. There is no universality in the concept of gender as gender is highly fluid, and as such, gender cannot form the basis for any convention, covenant or treaty which seeks to be globally acceptable and binding. This is the basis for my avowed position that the letter and spirit of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights is apt and meets the needs of our global world today. It emphasises in Article 2 the Rights and freedoms outlined in the Declaration and is clear that there shall be no distinction based on SEX. Yes, it says SEX, not gender. This is definite and must be defended by all progressive forces.”

Watch Sam Georges address below:

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