April 12, 2024

A Ghanaian community has been attacked by a group of armed robbers while they were at a Church of Pentecost service in South Africa.

In a video shared by a handle on X (formerly Twitter), @eddie_wrt, captured the congregation being attacked by the gunned men who stormed the auditorium during the ongoing service.

As the preacher was delivering his sermon, chaos instantly erupted, showing the armed robbers robbing the congregants at gunpoint.

The preacher, believed to be the leader of the assembly, was specifically targeted as the robbers seized phones and valuables from him, while also looting from the rest of the worshipers.

One of the robbers approached the pulpit, coercing the preacher to lead them to the location where money was kept.

According to the report, one elder of the church was kidnapped during the process.

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