February 21, 2024

A video circulating on social media shows a man printing what is believed to be fake Ghana Cedi notes.

In the footage, the blue long-sleeve shirt-wearing man is seen feeding rectangular-shaped cream-coloured papers to a printing machine. Then shortly after, the machine started discharging genuine-looking GHC10 notes. He then picked up some of the printed counterfeit money and displayed it to the camera which was used to film the stunt.

It is unclear who is behind the illegality, where they are operating from and whether or not their fake banknotes are not already circulating in the system.

It is not the first time a thing like this has come to light. In 2017, the Ghana Police Service arrested two people after they attempted to distribute fake cedi notes at Adum, a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region.

Their names were given as Dauda Issah, 31 and Osman Issah, 30.

The suspects were arrested at their hideout in Adum and had in their possession, several fake ten (10) Ghana cedi notes which they intended to distribute into the system since they could easily pass as genuine.

Upon tip-off, police officers searched the homes of the suspects and found a money printing machine and 14 bundles of 10 Ghana cedi notes.

“The suspected fake 10 Ghana cedi notes were 14 bundles with each bundle amounting to 1,000 Ghana cedis,” said the then Ashanti Regional Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Juliana Obeng.


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