May 24, 2024

A male student of the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) was nearly lynched by fellow students after being mistaken for a thief.

According to Accra-based UTV’s Bono regional reporter, William Arthur, the victim, identified as William Thompson Jnr, a third-year BSC Information Technology student, was waiting for a friend outside a hostel when the unfortunate event occurred after a Student Representative Council’s (SRC) event.

The reporter explained that Thompson, together with his friends, were strolling around the hostels after the SRC event and one of the friends needed to use the washroom, however, after a prolonged absence, the rest of the group grew concerned and went searching for him.

During the search, Thompson is reported to have entered a particular floor of the hostel seeking information about his missing friend from one of the residents.

The reporter further explained that Thompson’s presence was misinterpreted as the residents accused him of being a thief and alleged that he had been stealing phones and laptops from the hostel, resulting in severe beatings.

Amidst the ordeal, William’s friends, who were also searching for him, heard his cries for help emanating from one of the rooms and rushed to his rescue.

He added that one person has been arrested, but the others who participated in the assault are on the run.

“Last Thursday, the University of Energy and Natural Resources was celebrating its SRC week, and three male students from the school were walking around the hotels around 11 PM. One of them needed to use the washroom in one of the hostels, so he went inside while the other two waited outside. After some time had passed, the two friends grew concerned and went to look for him. The hostel in question is a storey building.

“Among the two friends searching for their missing mate was William Thompson Junior, a level 300 student pursuing a BSc in Information Technology. William approached one of the hostel residents and asked if he knew the whereabouts of their friend, who had gone to the washroom. However, he did not know the exact location.

“The resident directed William to a certain room and falsely claimed that he was a thief who had been stealing phones and laptops from the hostel and was subjected to brutal beatings, causing serious injuries. The other friends were also searching for him and eventually heard William’s cries for help coming from one of the rooms. William was immediately taken to the university hospital for initial treatment, but due to the severity of his injuries, he was later transferred to the regional hospital.

“One person has been arrested so far.”


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