July 20, 2024

A video circulating on social media platforms shows heated confrontation between two alleged students of the University of Ghana.

The altercation, largely verbal, is said to be over a man both ladies are allegedly seeing.

Some reports say the fight was at the Jean Mensa Hall – one of the privately-run hostels on campus – where the alleged student they were feuding over resides.

In the video, the ladies trade insults in a corridor as a number of colleagues try to keep them apart to avert a physical confrontation.

The situation intensifies as one of the students resorts to physical aggression, striking the other.

One of the feuding parties is heard hurling insults, accusing the other of promiscuity and making derogatory remarks. “He will choose me over you, ashawo (prostitute), you that you sleep around, villager like you, foolish girl.”

The video has been shared on Twitter, with one of the most shared bearing the caption: “Two young ladies who are supposed to be in school for educational purposes have turned into wrestle mania champions as they engage in a cat fight over a guy at Jean Nelson Hall, Legon, with one insisting that the guy would choose her over the other young lady.”


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