July 20, 2024

The appearance of enigmatic political billboards featuring an unidentified figure cloaked in a mask and the slogan #TheNewForce has stirred a number of conversations among the citizens of Accra.

The billboards, placed at key points across the city of Accra, hint at a potential contender for the 2024 general elections, adding an air of mystery and curiosity to the already charged political atmosphere.

Some view this persona as a symbol of hope, a fresh contender distinct from the traditional political players, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC), while others express scepticism and concern over the hidden identity.

GhanaWeb engaged with some individuals to gauge public sentiment regarding the concealed figure.

Opinions were split, reflecting the contrasting views that have emerged since the billboards surfaced.

One individual said, “We have been in this area, but we can’t put a name to the face behind the mask. When I saw it, I thought it was a cult group that was coming to take over the country.

“We have seen the NDC and the NPP for all these years, and so, when a new force comes, we will support such a person. If the person comes to play a free and fair game, we will go for that person. If the person has the courage to participate in politics in Ghana, he should show his face.”

Conversely, a sceptical individual questioned the legitimacy of a candidate who hides their identity and expects followers or votes.

“How can you still believe in your third force when, as a presidential candidate, you have veiled your face and we are unable to see you?

“If someone wishes to harm me, at least I can see them and they can see me. However, now that you have covered your face, are you an armed robber? People of that kind tend to hide their faces. Being an NPP member, I am in favour of Bawumia and I don’t care about a third force,” he said.

Sharing similar sentiments, another resident highlighted the importance of uncovering the face of the masked figure.

“If the one coming with the new force will do what Ghanaians want, we can consider voting for the person but we have to see his face. It will be difficult to vote for someone whose face I cannot see.

“Those behind these faceless billboards should come up with another one with the actual face of the person for us to know who we are voting for. It’s a good concept but what we have now depicts a clown. We are not sure who the person behind it is,” he said.

He continued: “Indeed they say, experience is the best teacher but those with the experience are those harming us. They are using their experience to steal from us. We all know how hard the economy is as a result of these people.

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