March 4, 2024

Starting from the next academic year, which opens on September 25th, English will be taught in all preschools and primary schools across Ghana’s eastern neighbour Togo, has learnt.

The news, which aims to further integrate the language into the Francophone country’s education system, was announced last Friday by the country’s Minister of Primary, Secondary, and Technical Education, Komla Dodzi Kokoroko, reports TogoFirst’s Esaïe Edoh.

The government said it is starting with basic education and would gradually incorporate English across all levels of Education in Togo.

“The pilot phase of introducing English at the preschool and primary levels will begin in the 2023-2024 academic year at selected schools, focusing solely on the preparatory course level. Other levels will be incorporated in the following years,” the Minister said.

The move aligns with the Togo government’s vision of equipping young students with linguistic and communicative skills in English. It is also influenced by Togo’s membership of the Commonwealth in June 2022 in the group’s Rwanda Meeting in 2022.

A committee has been set up to steer the initiative, and it has been actively working on providing various resources, including both physical and digital educational materials, audio recordings, videos, guides, textbooks, and tutorials for lesson planning

The teaching and Learning of French has been a key curricular subject in Ghana since the 1970s.




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