May 21, 2024

Apostle Abraham Lamptey, founder and leader of Believers House of Worship International, has expressed his disapproval of the ongoing power crisis in Ghana.

The respected man of God, in preaching to his congregation over the weekend, took the government to the cleaners over what he described as disrespect of the people.

In a bare-it-all approach, the man demanded answers from those who slammed former President John Dramani Mahama over the power crisis, aka ‘dumsor’ we experienced under his administration but have gone mute under President Akufo-Addo-Addo.

He wondered why those who took Mahama to the cleaners had gone quiet over the recent outages.

He believes that we have grown so foolish as a result of politics, refusing to express the truth.

The ongoing dumsor, he said, is not something to laugh over, and it was about time we told this government to sit up, respect the people, and release a timetable.

“They don’t respect anybody. ECG is not telling us what is wrong. Nobody is talking. The Akan chiefs, we heard you during the era of former President Mahama. Have you lost your voice now? Those prophets who prophesied about the victory of the NPP, was this part of your prophecies? What is happening to Ghana? Nobody respects anybody to say that today, the dumsor will affect residents in Mamaprobi and the next one will affect Odorkor residents.
What is wrong with us? We deserve to be treated and seen as human beings, not sheep or goats.

We are not goats or sheep. We are human beings. As human beings, we all have some level of stupidity or foolishness, but when one gets money, you will realise the level of foolishness and stupidity associated with it.

He further slammed the government, positing that they campaigned with promises as people who were wise, not knowing they were rather making those promises because of hunger.

“So all these things they promised as if they were wise and we voted for them, it has emerged that it was hunger that made them say those things.”

He expressed dissatisfaction with the current trend of Ghanaian professionals and citizens traveling to other countries for greener opportunities.

He said this proves that we do not have a good and effective leader to manage the country.

“You are not a good leader if your citizens prefer to travel abroad and seek better opportunities.”

He then challenged Ghanaians, particularly his church members, not to allow politicians to buy their votes.

He said that when that happens,it means you have sold your conscience to the politician and will have no moral right to criticise them when they mess up the country.

He also appealed to them to go on social media and speak against what was happening, irrespective of where they belonged.

“If you have been bought, buy yourself out. If you have not spent the money, send it back. Nobody is talking. It is as if the country is on autopilot. Speak up now.”

He stressed that we (Ghanaians) prefer foolishness and stupidity to effectiveness and good leadership.

“We love to destroy; we love to do foolish things. What we are witnessing is terrible, but because it is NPP, you have refused to speak up.”

To the Energy Minister, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, he advised him to address the nation and speak some wisdom to us so it would calm us down.

“The disrespect, the arrogance, and the pride with which people in power relate to the citizens are getting out of hand.”

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